Episode 1: Watch Us Roll

is the introduction to the series and programme itself.

It starts off with the city of Wessleby, in the island of Lomessa. 5 girls are determined to bully what they call the villains, Rotdota and Zube. They were on the tropical beach in Wessleby, with ice cream chatting about how to get Rotdota and Zube, as Ava spilt her ice cream all over Sessas Jumper! "Oops" Ava high pitchly gasped as Sessa gave her the untrustable look. Sessa came with a plan. To engulf the villains with masses of superglue. Sessa is determined and tells her team "Cmon guys, we got this!" And her team delightfully agree. They rush off to find Zube to tell him exactly what they're going to do. During the journey, Suzi decides to bring a horse, and Trixia wasn't too sure. She said "uuurrrr Suzi I don't think that's such a good idea-" as Suzi interrupts and confidently stands and says "Trixia, it's fine, I'm gonna beat you there, cmon horse giddy up!" As Suzi and the team arrives at the destination she tells Zube. Zube had some Superglue too. Ava was shocked in surprise and screamed "how did you know about this?!" When Rotdota laughed "BAHAHAHAHAAA, YOU THOUGHT WRONG TEAM, I KNEW YOUR PLAN INSTANTLY, IT TOOK ME LESS THAN 60 SECONDS TO FIND THAT OUT" as Zube replied "We watched you through our window, dimbies" As Kazzie buts in and sprays superglue at them both in an instant, she ties them both with a max of it, as Ava kicks them in the face and the war lasts 5 mins in the episode of them doing the supergluing. As Rotdota and Zube were superglued together on the wall Rotdota said "You haven't seen the last of us, we'll be back shortly!" The team return to Wessleby and party and sing Watch Us Roll because they think they're so cool when they're not