They expect far too much. When what they want doesn't Happen, they throw a fit and even if they don't show it on the outside, they're throwing the fit in the inside. Like a spoilt brat would. Especially adults. They actually do expect too much from children, and boss them round like they're slaves. When a child dosent do what the adults says, the adult either in their head throws a huge fit or on the outside yell at their kids, and then the adult starts to over react and throw a tantrum. In their head, they probably stomp their feet.

Government want all of the money. I get junk mails and I'm only 15, and I haven't even got money, credit cards like adults have. I end up with these emails sent to me saying "Congratulations, You've won!" when I haven't won anything, they just want more money. I have others saying "get this totally FREE!" And when I click on the link, it costs money. Adults lie a lot sometimes more than kids.

when kids say I didn't to their parents when they actually did, they're not just trying to be nasty and lie, they're saying that because they're scared of what the adults might do, incase they throw a fit.

People consider themselves as "The Best, most important, unique and special" which I absolutely 100% disagree with. Sadly, people are so cruel to animals like they have no thoughts or feelings, especially insects. They splat flies, and think they have no feelings or thoughts, when they do, because they're a living thing just as much as we are. When I see people killing insects or animals, I nearly cry. One or two tears just come out my eyes when I see these animal extinction adverts.

I am not being mean, I'm only saying what I think.....Becaus of Anna wii sports, people have invented night clubs, pop festivals, etc...Nowadays, the majority of the people in the world just go to stupid parties and clubs And get drunk, then they go touching strangers. That is so not cool.

so when you think about it, people behave unbelievably insane, immature, and wrong.